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Public Relations for Relevancy

Our public relations services offer the depth and breadth of experience to give expert service from media relations to crisis communications.

We all have a story to tell. Knowing how to say it and who to tell make a big difference in getting your message heard. At Glimpse, our in-house PR expert understands the media and how to work with them to get our client’s news noticed. As a former broadcast media professional – story development is at our PR Director’s core.

Our pitches carry punch. That’s because every pitch is tied to a strategic communication plan designed to connect your brand to your target audience. We combine our expertise and experience in traditional public relations and marketing with creative thinking to take your story to the right writers, editors, and media outlets. We read, review, and research the media to make sure every pitch is relevant to the person receiving it.

From product announcements and press conferences to media events to share your industry know-how, we work with you to develop the best strategies to put your company in the spotlight. We understand the difference between print, broadcast, and bloggers and can tailor media events to ensure each writer and reporter gets what they need to tell your story.

When the news isn’t good, having a well-prepared plan is crucial to helping you control the message being received. Glimpse helps our clients develop and execute crisis communication plans to stay proactive should an unplanned event threaten their brand and the ability to effectively do business.

Have a topic to share? Want to showcase and leverage your position as a thought leader within your industry? Glimpse’s in-house writers can help you share your expertise or innovative ideas as a published article or content for your blog.

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Our approach to providing marketing services is flexible too, giving you the type of marketing program and partner that best fits within your model and budget.